We Help You Maintain a Higher Level of Independence!

Life seems to slow down once we age or while we’re recovering from an illness. In such situations it helps to know that there is someone close by who is ready and able to offer you friendly and compassionate home healthcare and concierge services.
The following are some of the services that you will find at Atlantic Healthcare & Concierge Services;

Nursing Services

We offer our clients the services of registered nurses who have the skills and experience to make your life just a bit easier while you recover. In certain cases where the patient is seriously ill our qualified nurses can monitor your vital signs and disease progression and even educate the patient and their family in proper healthcare and medication management.

Our compassionate nursing services include but are not limited to:
• To perform simple dressing changes when required.
• Helping with household tasks, including meal preparation etc.
• Assisting with self-care, such as dressing, grooming, oral hygiene and bathing.
• Assisting with self-administered medications.

Home Health Aide Services

Our staff is dedicated in providing all of our clients with exceptional and professional home health aide services. By offering our clients the best personal assistance such as meal preparation and helping our those in need go through their daily living activities, we make sure our clients remain in good health and as comfortable as possible.

Companion Services

All of our staff are carefully screened and have the necessary experience in providing you with the best in companion services in a variety of ways. We assist our clients in their transition from the hospital or another healthcare facility to their home or another environment by providing them with the necessary companion services without any interruption.

[Atlantic Health Care & Concierge Services] is part of our joint healthcare services which is known for providing the best in the most innovative solutions in home healthcare and concierge services. As a full services company, we have earned the reputation of being dedicated to our clients when it comes to providing them with the best in quality and excellence in companionship and concierge services.

Living Services

The elderly or those patients who are recovering from a serious injury or medical condition look towards improving their circumstances. Our company offers homecare and living services that are tailor-made to suit your requirements.

This is the reason why many find hope when they register for our specialized living services. Our trustworthy and professional caregivers ensure that you or your loved one remains healthy and safe while recuperating, or if they are just too aged to go about their daily routine alone.

Concierge Services

Our concierge services are mostly directed towards senior citizens who look forward to living comfortable lives in their old age. Need someone to plan your day, or take you to the doctor’s appointment, or just looking for someone who can assist you during your day. Our company is here to provide you with experienced and professional concierge services at affordable prices.

You can count on Atlantic Healthcare & Concierge Services to provide you with the best caregivers in the industry that are both qualified and compassionate towards others.